Pics: Nela Ticket girl poses with a Tiger

Model turned actress Malvika Sharma made an unsuccessful debut with 'Nela Ticket.' The result of the film did not get her any new projects in Telugu while she is looking at other film industries.

Malvika is pretty popular on Instagram as she constantly shares her vacation and working out photos. Currently, Malvika is on a holiday in Thailand. She visited the Tiger park in Pattaya and got snapped with a huge Tiger. In fact when the Tiger was lying down on the floor, Malvika got its behind and hugged it. In the text she added that Tiger is not sleeping and not sedated or tranquilized.

The Tiger is trained to be around people since it was born, added Malvika. These days celebrities are getting trolled for posing with wild animals when they are tranquilized. The other day it was Kriti Sanon who was spotted with Cheetah while on a holiday in Zambia.

To avoid unnecessary troubles, Malvika has wrote big text on her Instagram posts.

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