Pawan Kalyan's US Trip Bringing Him More Calls

Pawan Kalyan's US Trip Bringing Him More Calls

Telugu film's admired and adorable hero Pawan Kalyan has once again confirmed that he will not be getting into films but will focus only on politics. He wants to bring the change no matter what the cost is. After he reiterated these statements at the recently concluded TANA Convention in the USA, his phone is said to be ringing non-stop.

What is the most important aspect that made NRIs stuck their sight at TANA? Surely Pawan Kalyan's handsome look has taken many by a charm. He lost weight, trimmed his beard and got the hairdo to his usual cinematic self. Going by those looks, who will be not saying that Pawan will comeback to films sooner?

Since Pawan appeared in TANA, many leading producers are said to be getting in touch with him, asking him to do at least two movies before the 2024 elections. While the ones like Mythri Movie Makers, Ram Talluri and AM Ratnam are waiting for Pawan's call regarding a movie, now others also have joined the brigade of people who are trying to convince him to come back to movies.

What would Pawan Kalyan do? Will he oblige? Let's see!!

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