Media Ban: Heroine Slaps Legal Notice on Media

Media Ban: Heroine Slaps Legal Notice on Media

The ugly fight between Kangana Ranaut and a Bollywood journalist is taking a new turn after the Entertainment Journalist Guild has declared a ban on the Manikarnika actress for her belittling, demeaning behaviour against a journo in public at a press conference of her upcoming movie.

Two days after the Guild announced the ban on Kangana, her team has issued a legal notice questioning the authenticity of the Entertainment Journalist Guild. Kangana's lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui has issued the notice on her behalf. This is not all. The legal notice is full of the strong words and allegations against a section of media.

Referring to some journalists, the legal notice accused them of violating the "Norms of Journalistic Conduct" and having "criminal intentions and ulterior motives". According to the legal notice, the accused journalists are "defaming, annoying, ridiculing, harassing and criminally intimidating" Kanagana "without any provocation whatsoever".

It is further alleged that the "so-called unprofessional journalists" are using public platforms to "illegally and criminally" harass Kangana and other celebrities. Claiming that these acts of the accused journos won't fall under "freedom of speech" but those amount to "defamation".

The notice alleged that some "sincere journalists" are unfotunately supporting the accused, "iniquitous journalists" without understanding, checking the facts of the matter.

"It appears that an unregistered association named 'Entertainment Journalist Guild' has been formed in the said manner and most journalists who are absolutely ill-informed of the factual matrix of the said matter are joining the said association, without understanding that they are directly supporting and encouraging unprofessional journalists through such medium, instead of condemning such criminal and wrongful acts," said the notice that questioned the authenticity of the Guild and its alleged ban on Kangana.

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