Sandeep Reddy's Film With Big Star Will Silence Critics

Sandeep Reddy's Film With Big Star Will Silence Critics

The two sides of what Sandeep Reddy Vanga said could be debated, as his comment of slapping the partner during courtship is not a genuine one, while he has shown his heroine in the most beautiful way unlike commercial skin show exploiting. But then, few netizens raised an interesting question.

Mahesh Babu and Ram Charan slapped Samantha in Dookudu and Rangasthalam respectively, while many other stars did that many times in their movies. But why none of them got quizzed by this feminist brigade when they did it? The netizens say, "Sandeep is just a single film old director, while those actors are big stars. That's why this actresss dare to question them about it".

And the only way Sandeep Reddy could silence his critics is, he should immediately do a film with a big star, thereby that will not let other celebs easily do a slip of tongue about him. Because no other director had faced such criticism than Sandeep even though they made some junk films ever.

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