Horror Film, All The Charms And Sympathy Factor

Horror Film, All The Charms And Sympathy Factor

The film business is all about making an interesting film, promoting it to the core and reaping benefits at the box office by carefully planning the timing of the release. We have to say that the young hero is ticking all the boxes right, but there comes this sympathy factor that is playing in his favour.

Sandeep Kishan is long absent from films, almost for two years, as the actor explained that he got into depression and was confused picking up the right project. But he has finally come up with Ninu Veedani Needanu Nenu and the film's trailer did all the magic. Naturally, Telugu audiences love horror comedies and any bit of newness into them will be a winner.

At the same time, Sandeep is doing amazing promotions for the film barring some cheap tricks like a bike-theft video, the likes of scary posters in bathrooms, a pre-release event that will see a horde of young and happening heroes as guests, and other regular activities. This will surely help #NVNN get the desired attention.

Then we have a sympathy factor chipping in for the hero, as many feel that he needs at least one big hit for the kind of hard work he's putting in. Even if the film is above average, the sympathy factor will sure make things work. As the film hits cinemas on July 12th, let's see what happens.

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