Teja Ditches The Idea Of Working With Kajal

Teja Ditches The Idea Of Working With Kajal

More than the failure of Sita at the box office, the news of director Teja teaming up with her again became a sensation. And then, the film arrived of Amazon Prime, giving more clarity to the director on what he should do.

Apparently after watching the movie on Prime, many found fault with Teja as to how he has roped in Kajal for the role, as she can't even act properly in many scenes. They opined that Kajal has that star heroine image, but it hasn't helped the film because never in life she got a film where she will be running the total show on her shoulders. That's why she didn't realise how to handle Sita.

Listening to all this criticism, it looks like Teja has taken a final call. He now says, "I'm working on a multi-starrer script at the moment and thought nothing about the casting. Once I finish the script, I will talk about the actors". That means, Kajal's film is kept in the rack, isn't it?

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