Valmiki Name For A Fighting Movie? Complaint Filed

Valmiki Name For A Fighting Movie? Complaint Filed

It's surely tough in India to make films without hurt cast sentiments if the present scenario is anything to go by. Other day, few community members from Valmiki caste have filed a police complaint on the makers of Varun Tej's upcoming film "Valmiki".

Other day, representatives of Valmiki Reservation Porata Samithi has filed a complaint with Guntur police accusing that director Harish Shankar and producer Gopi Achanta are making money on the name of great sage Maharshi Valmiki. "How come a commercial film with fightings all over get named as Valmiki? When you are remaking a film from Tamil Nadu and name it in a way to insult our deity, we won't allow such things to happen", they warned, requesting police to take action on the filmmakers under Section 298A of outraging religious beliefs.

Responding on the same, Harish Shankar is quick to point out, "Even the Valmiki they are talking about wrote about Lord Rama who did the fighting for the sake of peace. And our film's hero name is not Valmiki, and we are not spoiling great Valmiki's name", adding that they will consider the concerns of the community anyway.

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