Here Is Upasana's Next Guest: The Hottest Lady

Here Is Upasana's Next Guest: The Hottest Lady

Mega daughter in law Upasana Kamineni is giving a different treat to Telugu audiences as she is exploring celebs from another angle. While everyone admires celebs, some of them actually try to get into shape and fitness like that of their favourite hero And here comes Upasana, helping them a bit.

Recently Upasana started her talk show on YouTube where she brings different guests who are known to be the fittest and hottest in business. The latest to join her guest list if Katrina Kaif. Starting with Samantha, the 100 kg weightlifter of Tollywood, she has brought out the secrets of the Tennis sensation Sania Mirza and 'Bhai' of Bollywood, Salman Khan as well.

However, the disappointment is that Upasana hasn't featured in the interview and it has only Katrina giving run-through like answers. But then, the mega kodalu is surely doing a good job bringing various celebs and making them talk about diet, fitness, health and mental strength.

On the other hand, mega fans are eagerly waiting to see Upasana interview Ram Charan and revealing more of his fitness secrets to everyone.

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