Pics: Allu Arjun's Caravan FALCON

A month ago already we have revealed how the specially made caravan of mega hero Allu Arjun is getting all the attention at the shooting spot of Trivikram's film. The actor is said to have spent 2+ crores to get this vanity van in the lines of Mahesh Babu and Alia Bhatt.

Ever since the news came out, people wanted to see how the vanity looks from inside. Guess what, none other than Allu Arjun took to social media today to give a glimpse of the luxurious interiors of his caravan. With highly stylised interiors including that leather seats, large mirror, sophisticated lighting and entertainment options, the vanity van is shining like a pearl we have to say.

The luxury bus is named 'Falcon' and also boasts a signature logo of 'AA' over it, giving it an elite look.

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