This Tamil Hero Should Give Up Hollywood Disorder

This Tamil Hero Should Give Up Hollywood Disorder

Our 'Hero' plays the role of a guy with negative shades and chases down goons in style in a foreign locale. Or he is out there saving an innocent from the clutches of someone. Or he is there in a stylised avatar and picks advanced weapons on behalf of government-- All these lines look like typical Hollywood stories, and here is their connection with this talented Tamil hero.

In recent times, we have seen Vikram's movies like 10 Enradhukulla, Inkokkadu, Dhruva Natchitram (only trailer released) and now Mr KK. All these films have Vikram featuring in a stylish avatar, doing some chases, few stunts and performing some stunning emotions quite easily. If we look at each trailer individually, they are amazing, but collectively it looks like Vikram is doing the same thing again and again.

While Vikram is known for picking up versatile stories, it looks like he lost interest over such projects as they have given him back to back flops. But then, this Hollywood disorder is also not good as repeated feeding of similar action stuff will also not work. Rather going for such Hollywood-like stories and scenes, maybe Vikram should try something like that of a Danush and Vijay Sethupathi, where things are raw and native.

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