'Rejection' Sentiment In Favour Of iSmart Shankar

'Rejection' Sentiment In Favour Of iSmart Shankar

When this director narrated the story of Idiot to Pawan Kalyan, he rejected it. The same thing happened when he narrated Pokiri story to Ravi Teja. After those heroes rejected those stories, he worked with other heroes, and those films literally gave a might break to those heroes. While Idiot went to Raviteja, Pokiri fell in Mahesh's lap.

Cut to present, Puri Jagan and his team are hoping that the 'rejection' sentiment will work in favour of the director's latest movie iSmart Shankar as well. Actually, this story was prepared with hero Vijay Devarakonda in mind and Puri Jagan has narrated the same to him. But with Devarakonda not getting convinced, Puri took it to Ram and it worked out.

Now it has to be seen if the film will give a huge break to Puri Jagan as well as Ram Pothineni as both are in need of a hit film at the moment. And then the story was initially rejected by a happening hero like it happened for Puri earlier too. Let's see what happens.

iSmart Shankar has wrapped the whole of its shooting and the makers have locked July 18th as the release date.

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