Allari Naresh Remixing Balayya's Rain Song Now

Allari Naresh Remixing Balayya's Rain Song Now

More than any mega hero or any other hero, it is Allari Naresh who has remixed lot of yesteryear hits. After going through a purple patch in his career, recently he made his presence felt with Mahesh Babu's Maharshi movie. And now, he's getting ready to come up with a movie titled "Bangaru Bullodu".

Guess what, Naresh has not just grabbed Balakrishna's 1993-film Bangaru Bullodu title but he also made sure to get the famous rain song from this film. The song that goes with the lyric 'Swathilo Muthyamantha' is being remixed for Naresh. Already they are said to have shot a hot dance on Naresh and heroine Pooja Jhaveri for the same at a specially erected set in Hyderabad.

Earlier, Naresh has remixed songs like Sannajaji Pakka Meeda (Krishna's Vajrayudham), Manchamesi Duppatesi (Chiru's Kondaveeti Raja), Akamsamlo oka tara (Krishna's Simhasanam) and Swathimuthyapu Jallulalo (Nagaruna's Prema Yuddham) and a couple of others. This is just another addition to the list of remixes that entertain Telugu audiences.

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