Jabardasth Comedian Unhappy With Playboy Talk

Jabardasth Comedian Unhappy With Playboy Talk

During the initial stages of Jabardasth comedy show, many participants projected themselves with one particular type of image. And now, that image has grown big and shot them to huge popularity. However, there is a downside too.

For example, take the case of Sudheer, who has quit doing magic and joined Jabardasth as a comedian. He got clicked along with Ram Prasad and Getup Sreenu, and their teams' videos always get millions of views on YouTube also. But the comedian has always projected as a playboy type and everyone makes fun of that aspect only.

While all that is getting done only for fun, some folks who watch Jabaradsth on TV are actually said to be believing that as true. When they meet Sudheer in person at various shows, they are said to be looking at him in a doubtful way. One such incident is said to have upset the comedian recently at an event.

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