Why Is Agent Athreya Shaking The Feelings?

Why Is Agent Athreya Shaking The Feelings?

With almost 10 crores in its kitty from the box office, last week's Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya is doing well we have to say. And then, the film is being viewed as something that is shaking the feelings of few audiences, due to its compelling second half. Wonder why?

Actually, if we look at critics point of view, Agent Athreya has this second half which has many leak holes and doubtful threads. But then, the director managed to bring on the 'religious crime' episode, which is a bit of shaking for sure. Common, who don't get stunned to find out that there are people who sell corpses in the name of sending them to Kasi.

Some folks who have seen the film are wondering if such incidents happened for real in the Andhra-Tamilnadu border. They say that god-fearing persons would surely get their spine chilled after watching the second half of this film. Perhaps that is what makes the word of mouth spread in a positive way for this movie.

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