Dear Comrade, All Is Well With The Director

Dear Comrade, All Is Well With The Director

In the last couple of months, with "Dear Comrade" getting postponed many times, there were rumours that all is not well between hero Vijay Devarakonda and director Bharat Kamma. Some gossip mills have stated that Vijay himself is handling all the post-production work too, while the director is keeping away from it.

And now, without using any words, Vijay Devarakonda tried to rubbish all the rumours off. The team of Dear Comrade has now come up with a video where they announce about the next song coming from the film. And director Bharat Kamma is seen taking center stage in this video, where he decides whether the next song that is coming up should be melody or not, and finally announced that they are coming up with 'Canteen Song'.

Going by the camaraderie between the teammates, it looks like all is well between them and there are no issues like how the rumours said. Hope the team delivers a hit film as well along with these publicity videos.

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