#Maharshi50: Just 'Potponed' Not 'Cancelled'!

#Maharshi50: Just 'Potponed' Not 'Cancelled'!

Actually, on this Friday, the event of celebrating Mahesh Babu's Maharshi movie 50 days event was scheduled, but it got called off due to the sudden demise of actress Vijaya Nirmala, second wife of Mahesh's father Superstar Krishna.

And then, Dil Raju announced that the event got postponed indefinitely and a new date will be announced soon. "#Maharshi 50 days event which was scheduled for 28th June 2019 stands postponed". Talking about the same, some media folks started making fun of Dil Raju saying that they should have told that event got 'cancelled' rather 'postponed'.

Well, in the first place, even Vijaya Nirmala would have pursued Mahesh and his producers to celebrate the 50th day at any cost, because its rare these days to see a film running in nearly 150+ screens for 50 days. And such an important event could not be just cancelled, it could only be postponed. One wonders what will some rational thinkers achieve by plucking hair from an egg.

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