Can Nagarjuna Handle Those Crazy Fights?

Can Nagarjuna Handle Those Crazy Fights?

Though Akkineni Nagarjuna has handled Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu quite gracefully, he's known in the film industry for his aggressive attitude. Though he isn't bad tempered, he just doesn't like being good to those who behave rudely.

Whether it comes to handling fans or scolding them openly, or criticising someone for their wrongdoings and throwing satires on people he didn't like, Nagarjuna always had a big critical mouth. Will that allows him to do his Big Boss host job properly is the question now. Because Big Boss is all about catfights, cheatings, a crazy war of words and stuff.

While Big Boss 1 hasn't seen some big fights, Big Boss 2 is all about unwanted heroism, over action and exaggerated verbal duels. The likes of Kaushal, Tanish and Geetha Madhuri have made the hell out of the house. Though Nani handled those issues quite smoothly, one can't imagine how a senior star like Nagarjuna would react to them.

On all likelihood, this time, there will be masala from the host's side too!

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