Allu Arjun Endorsing Another Heroine?

Allu Arjun Endorsing Another Heroine?

Somehow dusky looking heroines who work with Allu Arjun always get a pat from him and get recommendations too. The likes of Catherine Tresa and Pooja Hegde got recommended by him twice already and here comes another heroine who might star in another film of him.

Currently, Allu Arjun is working with Pooja Hegde and Nivetha Pethuraj for his upcoming film being directed by Trivikram. And when Dil Raju is looking forward for lead girls for their 'Icon', which has Venu Sriram directing it, we hear that Bunny has recommended Nivetha's name as the second heroine while they are dealing with Alia Bhatt for the first heroine role.

Though it may look like Bunny is backing many heroines, but the real reasons seem to be something else. Not just that these heroines are good actors, but also their professionalism always impressed the mega hero, says a source. And that is the reason why he recommends these beauties for the directors of his next films.

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