Hero Ram Fined Rs 200 For Smoking At Charminar

Hero Ram Fined Rs 200 For Smoking At Charminar

Hero Ram has become a piece of sensational news today as he got fined at Charminar today. You know what the offense is, while smoking in public is a crime, Ram took to the area that hosts the heritage monument to lit his cigarette and the police at the are fined him with Rs 200.

Talking about the same, hero Ram has clarified that he has smoked a puff as that is needed for the shot, but he hasn't smoked cigarette during break time. And then he stated that this will be shown in the title song of the movie. Though Ram added in the end that he respected the law and paid fine, somehow the whole episode is a little disturbing.

In reality, when smoking in public is an offense, maybe director Puri Jagan and Ram should have avoided doing that in public, even it is for a film shot. Because it makes no sense to break the law and show the character puffing cigarettes as that will not be something that will highlight the heroism.

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