Why Bollywood Audiences Like South Movies?

Why Bollywood Audiences Like South Movies?

After looking at the success of many Hindi dubbed Telugu movies like DJ Duvvada Jagannadham and others on YouTube, many felt like masses in Bihar and other backward northern states are actually liking south-masala content big time. But then, even multiplexes are now registering terrific reports for films that feature south content.

Recently dubbed movie KGF has stunned Bollywood folks and the North region contributed almost 100 crores for this film in box office revenues. Then the remakes of Telugu movies like Simmba (Temper) and Kabir Singh (Arjun Reddy) have taken to earth shattering openings for the respective heroes. All these happening do prove that the south content got a new liking there.

Cinema experts are feeling that like how Sambar, Dosa and other southern dishes like Hyderabad Biryani started to get popularity across the upper part of India, it looks like now south-films are also getting a similar following. Also, it looks like all the crowds in North are now enjoying the masala content of south cinema rather than the polished, overhyped and highly-rich stuff shown in Bollywood films.

Well, it's not that easy to estimate why North folks are showing this sudden love for Telugu and other south films, but surely they are doing.

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