VV Vinayak Using Cinema For Political Future?

VV Vinayak Using Cinema For Political Future?

Director VV Vinayak has received back to back jolts after coming up with some routine movies like Intelligent. Back then, heroes like Mahesh Babu are ready to team up with him, but now, even the younger set of heroes are also not ready to work with this star director.

Changing gears, now Vinayak is getting ready for his acting debut, which we revealed already. And the latest update is that the dashing director will be seen as a farmer in this film to be produced by Dil Raju. Guess what, the role will show Vinayak as the champion of the masses, fighting for their rights and existence.

As Vinayak himself revealed that he has plans to get into politics and become an MLA or MP after his film career reaches its fag end, one wonders if he is using his acting debut for his political future. Playing a farmer and rallying for them will obviously project him as the leader, and it looks like Vinayak wants to cash on that later.

On the other hand, films and filmy acts are not making any person close to the people which was proved in the recently concluded elections. Maybe some other forms of social service will bring film celebs close to voters but not films.

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