Finally, Prasthanam Director Gets A Mega Hero

Finally, Prasthanam Director Gets A Mega Hero

After scoring a smashing hit with the film Prasthanam, many expected that director Deva Katta will join that A-league of star directors. But the film industry has thrown a surprise for him after the debacle of Auto Nagar Surya. Later his remake movie, Manchu Vishnu's Doosukeltha, added salt to the wounds.

The director has however developed a rapport with Rajamouli after he wrote that war speech of Prabhas in Baahubali 1, and later took up the offer of directing Baahubali web series for Netflix. Now that the job over, he's looking forward for right opportunities in Tollywood, and that's when he is said to have narrated a story to Mega hero Sai Dharam Tej.

Reports are coming that the Prasthanam director has mightily impressed the mega hero and their film might start once Sai Tej completes his current assignment with director Maruthi. And then, Deva Katta was earlier said to have narrated stories to many mega heroes but nothing worked out.

We have to see if an official announcement comes up about this combination or not.

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