South Indians Praising Rana And Tearing Into The Anchor

South Indians Praising Rana And Tearing Into The Anchor

Recently Rana Daggubati has given an interview to a Bollywood based media house and the lady anchor who posed questions to him is getting all the brickbats now. Apparently, her tone of questioning and some questions alone didn't impress many, especially the South Indian film lovers.

In her interview, she revealed that she doesn't know anything about South Indian films except for the fact that she watched Roja during her childhood and later watched Baahubali, and asked Rana to explain if Baahubali has given the South Cinema a recognition. Pat came reply from Rana, who has shut her down big time.

"I'm amazed that Indians are so dumb because they don't understand a film is a film no matter what the language is. Same story, script and camera exist everywhere, and only basing on language people are calling the difference. But then, we have Avengers and Rajnikanth's films getting dubbed in many languages" said Rana, educating her big time.

Sharing this clipping, netizens are fuming over the anchor as they tear into the fact that North Indian folks always look down South people.

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