Kalki Story Controversy: Will It Be A Happy Ending?

Kalki Story Controversy: Will It Be A Happy Ending?

Time and again we hear story related issues in Telugu film industry and none other than some big directors have faced these controversies. While big stars often avoid these 'controversies' by either not taking that film forward or buying out the one who is accusing them of theft, sometimes it backfires.

Regarding the next week releasing film 'Kalki', a writer name Karthikeya who is said to have worked for Rajasekhar's Mahankali has accused that he narrated a story to the hero back then, and the same story is now made as Kalki. And this issue is now taken to the newly formed 'Katha Hakkula Vedika' where Telugu industry directors and writers are getting their 'story disputes' off the legal radar.

While the 'Katha Hakkula Vedika' is yet to read both the scripts, Prashanth Varma's Kalki and the other story written by Karthikeya, it's now being rumoured that Rajasekhar's team is trying to downplay the issue saying that the bench has given them a clean chit. However, Katha Hakkula Vedika is likely to watch the film and take a decision.

And then, writer Karthikeya says that he is contemplating to approach the court for an interim injunction against the film's release, in case if Katha Hakkula Vedika fails to deliver justice. We have to see if it will be a happy ending or not for Rajasekhar's Kalki which is set for June 28th.

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