Rumour: This Heroine's Use And Throw Mentality

Rumour: This Heroine's Use And Throw Mentality

There is this particular heroine in Tollywood, who is not literally from here but came to the top pretty tough. And then, her ways of coming to the top are something that is being discussed by Telugu industry folks from the last couple of days.

Apparently, when her career is not getting the needed restart, she started dating a lovely hero, through whom she got many offers. Later she dumped him and used to move closer with a couple of senior heroes. Then suddenly she changed her course and moved to another tinsel town.

Later, after she found out that nothing is working for her again in any other tinsel towns, she's back here and ticking her previous contacts. Despite the fact that she got another big job in hand, she's said to be teasing some big heroes here such that offers will come her way.

While offers may come and go, many are wondering why this lady often uses people this way and flaunts that use-and-throw mentality. In reality, after reigning the tinsel towns for a while, she doesn't need to do that.

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