Pic Talk: Pawan's New Look Is Amusing!

Pic Talk: Pawan's New Look Is Amusing!

After growing a too thicky bush during his political tour as he led Janasena Party into an electoral battle in the recently concluding election, Pawan Kalyan is slowly giving up his 'khadi' avatar it looks like. After the election, and after holding some review meets where he discussed the defeat of Janasena party, Powerstar is now back to good looks.

Trimming his beard to a maximum, a new haircut and wearing colourful semi-formal shirts, Pawan Kalyan is looking like a film hero once again. Recently when he met a school kid, the Janasena president appeared in this newest avatar. Though he clarified that films are over for him long ago, going by his latest looks, one can't stop but guessing that he might be starting the shooting of a new movie.

On this amusing looks, Janasena cadres are feeling a lot of happier and they are also requesting Pawan Kalyan to come back to films. We have to see what happens, but for now, relish on this latest look folks!!

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