Samantha Targeted 50 Lakhs; What Is The Balance Now?

Samantha Targeted 50 Lakhs; What Is The Balance Now?

Promoting her latest movie 'Oh Baby' to the core, queen bee Samantha is getting candid with the journalists as she shares interesting details from the past and about the future too.

Talking about her numero uno position, Samantha says, 'I'm not getting as many offers as I used to get before marriage. Maybe filmmakers are confused as to what sort of roles they should offer me". While that is her take on the present, she says that in the future she's going to be in films only. "I will be producing films for sure at a later point of time, but won't get into direction and all".

And talking about her past she stated, "I and mom went through some tough times and many people out there helped us. After coming into films, I felt like saving 50 lakhs in my Bank Account and owning a house is my goal. But I'm happy for where I am today".

Folks who have gone through this interview of Samantha are now asking, 'Okay she thought of 50 lakhs, but how much she finally saved as a bank balance anyway?'. The numbers will be in crores for sure, but more than that she won hearts of crores of fans.

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