Seriously, This Would Have Worked Out!

Seriously, This Would Have Worked Out!

On June 21, Manchu Vishnu's controversial film for the sake of differences between hero, director, and producers, is finally hitting theatres. As 'Voter' is set for a release, the trailer of the film is getting a different kind of response from the audience.

Whatever may be the differences between hero and director, and their producer, it looks like 'Voter' is a thought-provoking film with lots of fun and satire induced. As the film takes on various political outfits and how politicians these days are making a mockery of voters, surely it is attracting all the attention. For this kind of content, surely the film would have worked out well had it released before the elections.

Probably that is what Manchu Vishnu is saying all these days as he feels that the film's release timing would have fetched him well. But even now, if the film is well promoted, then the result would be favourable. With just release date four days away, we have to see what will happen.

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