'KGF' Then And 'Game Over' Now- Here's How To Do

'KGF' Then And 'Game Over' Now- Here's How To Do

When it comes to stealing the ideas from Hollywood films, we often make half cooked offsprings that sound funny. And we fail to put enough logic and drama into those stolen ideas. But in recent times two films have shown how to steal perfectly.

A couple of months ago, we have seen Yash's KGF that got appreciation from all over. Those who watch Hollywood films big time know that the film got its style and story theme adapted from Keanu Reeves' John Wick movie series. But the director skillfully added some back stories to a contract killer and made him a gangster in KGF. And now, its Taapse's film that did the same.

'Game Over' is nothing but a skilful copy of the idea of a guy (girl here) living the same day again and again in a time loop. That's borrowed from Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow movie which is based on a Japanese novel. And 'Game Over' director skilfully converted that into an idea for the second half where the protagonist lives the same hour again and again.

Well, moulding an original idea into something that is suitable for Indian audiences is an intelligent thing. So anyone copying ideas from Hollywood and Korean films should watch John Wick and Edge Of Tomorrow and then see KGF and Game Over, to find out how those directors cleverly adapted them.

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