The Care Prabhas Took Is Amazing

The Care Prabhas Took Is Amazing

When it comes to 'Saaho' teaser, it is Prabhas show all the way along with the awesome visual effects. And if you could have noticed, the hero took amazing care to make sure that his presence in the movie will be noteworthy. Especially he didn't do it like a regular mass commercial film.

Sample this: The way Prabhas holds the gun with his right hand while his left hand gives proper support by lifting the gun-holding hand at the fist is truly professional. To aim at something, that is how professional gun users like policemen and armed forces use it across the world.

And then while riding the bike in the Abhu Dabhi bike sequence, Prabhas is seen doing the tilts and balance shifts like a pro-rider. Though he hasn't ridden the bike at that speed and only did action with the bike stationed on a trolley that's pulled at high speed by another vehicle, the conviction Baahubali actor has shown to ride a twin-engine fast bike is amazing.

That way, we have to say that the care Prabhas took for the film is amazing. Hope it pays him well in theatres.

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