Kiara & Kajal reveal their first love affairs

Kiara & Kajal reveal their first love affairs

While many celebrities hesitate to talk about their personal lives and past relationships, the latest trend is that heroines are coming forward in sharing their 'Alleged Affair', 'Reportedly dating', 'Just Friends', and 'First love' matters to their fans. The stuff is more newsworthy than any other as we get to know our favourite actors' personal lives a bit deeper.

One of such heroines were Kiara Advani, who recently spoke about her first love ever. The actress said that her first love happened in her 10th class and she loved the boy a lot.  But as she was the only girl in her class and her parents being conservative, she had to divert her mind. She revealed that her mother made her break up with him to concentrate on her studies at that age.

On the other hand, Kajal Aggarwal also stepped forward to talk about her first crush. Her words did create a sensation all over the internet. Kajal said that she used to date a guy in the very beginning of her film career. However, she broke up with him for many compulsive reasons. One of the reasons she revealed was that the guy did not have a good impression on the film industry and asked her to stay away from choosing her career. Moreover, her busy schedule has also caused a stake in their relationship.

Not only for the common people, even celebrities have heartbreak, however, they continue to rise even after personal fallouts. People heal and grieve in their own ways and heroines who are speaking their hearts out on their first innocent love are being highly lauded for their boldness.

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