Teaser Talk: Manmadhudu 2, The 50 Years Old Virgin

Akkineni Nagarjuna is trying to come out the commercial masala stream and make movies that have a modern touch, identity with present youths and that follows the trend. And here is, turning himself into a 50-years-old virgin who doesn't like love, but loves to make love.

It looks like director Rahul Ravindran has filled lots of comedy into the film around the hero's character as his sister, employees and friend makes fun of him for deciding to marry at a very late age. And then his mother innocently asks him if he is a virgin or not. While the protagonist says yes, he's actually a playboy kind later.

From Nagarjuna to Vennela Kishore, Lakshmi to Rao Ramesh, everyone rocked the scene with their comedy timing. So what happens to this aged virgin is something we have to see on the screen. Looks like the director has chosen the right theme as a sequel for Manmadhudu, a film that dealt with hero's hatred for women. Manmadhudu 2 is the opposite of it with hero loving the 'love' more.

On technical front, Chaitan Bharadwaj's peppy background score is good while Sukumar's visuals are fine.

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