Renu Desai's Marriage With Fiance Is On

Renu Desai's Marriage With Fiance Is On

Sometime back, there were rumours that former heroine Renu Desai's impending marriage was called off. After breaking up and taking divorce frrom Pawan Kalyan, the actress has took a break for 5 years from marital life before getting engaged to a man of her family's choice.

Though she got engaged a year earlier, still the marriage isn't happening and that lead to many doubts. However, other day Renu Desai took to her Instagram page to given an indirect clarity that the marriage with her fiance is still on. She shared a picture, saying that it is clicked by none other than her fiance.

Her post reads like, "And as he captures me in the rays of the setting Sun, he quietly mumbles to himself that he thought today was amavasya, but looks like he was wrong and it's poornima tonight...looking at my confused expression, he tells me to figure it out myself...".
And then, Renu has given the picture credit as 'Fiance garu'.

Well, that confirms that she is not in break up and very much looking forward to the wedding. However, it looks like the rumours surrounding her Big Boss entry are a bit untrue.

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