Roping Sunil For That Role Will Be Costly Mistake

Roping Sunil For That Role Will Be Costly Mistake

There is a talk that is doing rounds in Film Nagar right now which is disappointing many film lovers. It is about casting comedian-hero Sunil for the role of Ayushman Khurran in 'Andhadhun' remake.

The film is all about a blind man, and the story has a lots of twists and turns. And this is a role that needs subtle and yet intense performance, which Sunil can't deliver for sure. At a time when the likes of Dhanush and Siddharth are competing for this film in Tamil, there is no way Sunil could do justice to it in Telugu version.

In case if this is just a rumour, it's fine, but if it is true, then the makers are doing a costly mistake to rope Sunil into this film. Some young heroes who could do absolutely brilliant acting are actually needed to reprise that role. Else, it is better to leave the film alone.

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