Will Baahubali Girl Help Rajasekhar?

Finally, Senior hero Rajasekhar's next film Kalki has set its eyes on June 28th, and the hero is hoping he will continue the hit streak he started with PSV Garudavega that released a couple of years ago. And then, there is a bit of sentiment as well to this.

Back then, 'Diyyo Diyyo' song featuring world famous Sunny Leone has got immense popularity thereby making Garudavega a good watch. In a similar style now 'Horn Ok Please' is the song that was carved for Kalki. It features British siren Scarlett Melish Wilson who has earlier sizzled in item songs of movies like Yevadu and Baahubali. Will Scarlett give Rajasekhar the same result that is like Sunny Leone's song.

Though the song visuals of Diyyo Diyyo are not super hit back then, the song itself is a hit one, thanks to Sunny's craze, as it amassed 70+ million views. And the whole team of Kalki is said to be expecting the same result again.

Directed by Prashant Varma of Awe! movie fame, Kalki features Rajasekhar in the lead while Adah Sharma is the leading lady along with Nanditha Swetha and Poojitha Ponnada.

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