Opinion: Will People Remember Pawan Kalyan?

Opinion: Will People Remember Pawan Kalyan?

Gone are the days where cinema is the only entertainment and people will remember stars forever. These days a new star is emerging every single day and those who are scoring flops are being forgotten. In this connection, one has to wonder if people will remember Pawan Kalyan if he keeps away from films until the next election.

In the wake of Pawan giving crystal clear statements that he is not going to wear makeup yet again and his life is dedicated to political sojourn, many are wondering whether he has taken the right decision. Because it will be difficult to sustain the party and also the trust of party men till 2024 as the so-called Pawan-wave will be vanishing each day. What could Pawan do, to keep the wave up and riding high?

The base of Janasena is built on Pawan Kalyan's craze, which comes from his movie acts, and if he decides to put that off, then it is going to be disastrous. He has to take up something massive like that of a YS Jagan's Odarpu Yatra to make sure that he will be in the news daily. Otherwise, he should appear more on TV and voice his dissent, appreciation or whatever for the ruling party. As Pawan is not someone who is interested in doing all such stuff, it's better if he does films.

On the other hand, with all the people who have funded for Janasena getting disappointed, we have to see how Pawan will win their faith again.

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