Ravi And Lasya To Fight Openly In Front Of Cameras?

Ravi And Lasya To Fight Openly In Front Of Cameras?

Back then, TV hosts Ravi and Lasya used to host a morning show together on a noted music channel. Later there are many gossips that have engulfed them and only got a full stop after the lady anchor got married. However, since then Lasya made many accusations on Ravi through some Facebook videos and couple of interviews, without taking his name directly.

Latest buzz has that, both Ravi and Lasya are being signed by Big Boss folks for the Season 3 of the Telugu version. As Akkineni Nagarjuna is getting ready to host #BigBoss3, reports are coming that some interesting contestants are being finalised. In order to pit some worth opponents against each other, we hear that Ravi and Lasya are being brought to the show.

While Lasya has given her nod for the show already, we hear that Ravi is yet to take a call. Already another anchor Srimukhi, who is known for her proximity with Ravi, is also finding her way into the house already. But some people close to them revealed that Ravi will not join Big Boss as that will invite unencessary troubles for him. So there will be no fighitng of Ravi and Lasya in front of the cameras.

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