Geetha Madhuri's Husband Turns Sports Anchor

Geetha Madhuri's Husband Turns Sports Anchor

Singer Geetha Madhuri's craze has grown enormous in the recent times not just due to her songs but due to her Big Boss stunt, and the 1 million followers she had on social media pages is a testimony of that. Perhaps that is the reason, actor Nandu is more addressed as Geetha's hubby.

Sri Krishna Anand aka Actor Nandu has started quite a decent journey in Tollywood with some noticeable roles, but somehow things are not working out well for him. He's unable to stand himself as a solo hero and offers dwindled slowly. And the latest update is that he's trying his hand at sports-shows now.

For the Telugu version of Star Sports, currently, Nandu is hosting a talk show that comes right before the match, after the match and in the break. Recently he went to Mumbai to sign the deal and for all the world cup matches this will be applicable. In case if the show clicks well, more precisely if Nandu does well, then he might be continued in Star Sports as a Telugu sports anchor.

That's the new role for sure and we have to see how the talented hero does.

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