Is Naresh Sidelined After MAA Fiasco?

Is Naresh Sidelined After MAA Fiasco?

This film industry is somewhat egoistic if we look at it from the outer surface, and on the core, it looks like people don't want their relations to be affected with top stars at any cost. Right now, the buzz is about actor Naresh who is not being seen in meaty roles these days.

After putting interesting performances in films like Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi and A..Aa, senior actor Naresh become the sought after star in Telugu industry for father roles. However, it's been months already since 2018 started but there are no big films that have seen in him bigger roles. When it comes to big films, he was seen only in NTR biopic this year.

People familiar with Tollywood from decades do say that big directors and producers are worried about Naresh's political shifts in MAA elections in recent times and hence they are not casting him. However, some are saying that the actor himself got busy with Movie Artists Association and hence not taking up big roles.

But people close to Naresh have rubbished these reports as they say that the actor has shot for interesting films with the likes of Nani and other happening heroes.

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