Last Month For Sye Raa And Saaho

Last Month For Sye Raa And Saaho

Okay, all big things are being heard about Saaho and Sye Raa, but what about their completion. While Prabhas' Saaho locked August 15th as the release, Sye Raa pushed itself for another patriotic date, October 2nd release. But how long the shooting of these films will take place?

From the last couple of months, the makers of both Saaho and Sye Raa are busy claiming that they are in the last leg of shooting. But it looks like the last leg isn't getting wrapped as expected. For Prabhas Saaaho, a bit of patchwork and also shooting of songs is said to be pending. After the edit, the actor is not happy with some of the scenes and want to go for a reshoot again, say sources.

At the same time, Sye Raa is output is yet to be seen by Chiranjeevi, but the visual effects work is said to be delaying the whole film. That's said to be the reason why the film got postponed by a couple of months. However, director Surender Reddy is said to have given assurance that Sye Raa will be wrapped by the end of June.

Well, these days, big budgeted films are being completed just a week before the release and that's how even Maharshi did things. But with magnum opus films also following the same pattern, it looks like Tollywood's planning is going for a toss.

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