Buzz: Rumour Games Of Struggling Directors

Buzz: Rumour Games Of Struggling Directors

Generally it looks like heroes and heroines are trying for the mega hype for them, but actually, directors have started a new trend now. There are these directors who manage their sources in media and send feelers out, about their upcoming movies. But here goes the twist.

There is this director who has made a couple of big budgeted films and all of them are cost-failures. And recently his team have sent feelers out that he is teaming up with a Superstar and later will work with a mega heir. Frankly speaking, none of the heroes has given him assurance about his next, but the director is giving such feelers hoping that the heroes will call him after noticing the rumours, and might ask him to narrate the story.

Another case is this creative director who has impressed with a couple of movies that got critical acclaim. Though he directly says that he hasn't written a story for any hero, his team keeps on publicising that he's working with a big Bollywood star. He thinks that these rumours will help Tollywood stars realise how much those guys will miss him. But who is gonna miss him? Another age old director who is in the business for two decades already, says that he is spending years of pre-production for the sake of his hero. But the hero never opens about the film.

At a time when the likes of Mahesh, Charan, Jr NTR, Prabhas and Allu Arjun are busy with a handful of films, we wonder who believes the rumours of these directors who say that they got these stars okayed for a film. Meanwhile, cinema lovers are enjoying these 'rumour games' of directors.

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