Tall Claims Might Not Work For Films Anymore

Tall Claims Might Not Work For Films Anymore

Whatever you say about the film, all the big shouts, tall claims and the hype will last only until the release day. The first day first show is the decider and if the hype doesn't match the expectation, then the film is going to be a disaster only.

Director Gunasekhar has other day claimed that his next is Hiranyikashipa with Rana Daggubati, and he's busy with pre-production works from last 3 years. That is the tallest of claims the director is making actually as this will be affecting the film's prospects.

In case if they have done 3 years pre-production work, people expect the graphics to be super realistic like in Baahubali, unlike Rudramadevi. And they expect a hair raising thrill in the screenplay rather watching a sloppy movie. Is Gunasekhar's pre-production work addressing all these issues?

Tomorrow if Hiranyakashipa looks like an extended version of Rudramadevi, in terms of visuals and narrative, then Gunasekhar has to face all the criticism. Let's see what happens.

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