They Are Waiting For My Wrong Move -Krish

They Are Waiting For My Wrong Move -Krish

"There are many people out there who are waiting for me to make another wrong move. And they are throwing their arrows in the dark to check if they could hit me. But I've not yet finalised my next film" said director Krish, sharing his thoughts. But what are those 'wrong moves' Krish is talking about?

In recent times, Krish got a bad name after he walked out of Manikarnika and heroine Kangana Ranaut used this to her advantage and project a dud film as a great classic. At the same time, many wondered why Krish also shot the film in such pathetic fashion as he claimed that the whole first half belongs to his ideas and talents.

And then, he ditched everything to take up NTR biopic, but both Kathanayakudu and Mahanayakudu have ended up as disasters, leaving Krish into thinking. One wonders if Krish is saying that Manikarnika was a wrong move or NTR biopic was, as he says that someone is waiting for another wrong move from him. By the way, who is waiting?

Krish says that he hasn't decided on his next. But he neither denied nor agreed that his next is going to a Hindi film with Akshay Kumar again.

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