Pic Talk: Manchu Lady Looks Stunning

Pic Talk: Manchu Lady Looks Stunning

Actress Manchu Lakshmi never fails to share the lifestyle and updates of her life with her fans on social media. She has a huge following of nearly 891k on Instagram and 1.41M on Twitter. Known for her friendly attitude, she garnered a lot of affection from people in a short span.

This 41-year-old gorgeous lady has last impressed us with her film W/O Ram and now the actress shared a new picture on Instagram, with a caption - Be a sunflower.. find your light. Being blue. Lakshmi wore a denim shirt, leaving a top couple of buttons unbuttoned. She also flaunts her collarbone and a visible inner wear strap. The picture looks like a candid pose, with Lakshmi looking out of a window.

Not to mention, the lighting was perfect and kudos to the photographer for the perfect angle. She also wore minimal makeup with open hair. Looking all casual, Lakshmi Manchu still mesmerizes us with her intense look and beautiful features.

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