That Was Worst Phase In My Life : Charmme

That Was Worst Phase In My Life : Charmme

Charmme Kaur, who started her acting career at as early as 13, has come a really long way. She acted alongside almost all stars straddling across Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam film industries. As Charmme turns 31 tomorrow, she is into production. She is an active partner in Puri Connects and is co-producing Ram-starrer iSmart Shankar. Busy in the shoot of iSmart Shankar in Goa, she takes time off and talks over the phone.


In a career spanning over 15 years, i've done a lot of roles ranging from commercial to women centric roles in horror films. After a point, I felt I shouldn't do repetitive roles and shouldn't become monotonous. That's how I shifted my focus onto film production. Since movie business is my passion, I landed up here. I'm glad many audiences would still love to watch me on screen, but sorry, I'm not into acting anymore. I don't believe in juggling acting and production. I always believe to put complete focus and energy on one thing. And I chose Production.


Not many know that I'm born into a business family. My dad is a businessman and since my childhood I'm tuned to business. He always treated me as his business partner and we always have business conversations at our home. So, I can say business is in my blood. Business comes to me naturally. And hence, movie production is what I loved and what I chose.


The drug scandal was one of the worst phase in my life. I was so depressed, felt insulted. I cried a lot. Even my parents were so depressed. They were hospitalized learning about this. I felt very bad for troubling them when they were old. Still, I knew I haven't done any wrong from my end. It will be proved very soon.


I've been hearing the question about my marriage since I turned 18. I'm really fed up with the question. I'm not interested in marriage at all. I'm not interested in having kids. I like working. I like to work in movies and continue to take part in production.

iSmart Shankar

iSmart Shankar is going to be an out-and-out entertainer. We are elated with the overwhelming response of the film. The teaser has gone viral and people, media have lapped up the teaser. It gone viral on social platforms like Whatsapp, Twitter, Tiktok. From the beginning of the film to till its end, it is going to be a thorough entertainer. Ram has been traveling with Puri garu since scripting stage. So, Puri garu made a tailor-made film for Ram and Ram got super excited about the film. Special care has been taken on Ram's look, styling, haircut, costumes and dialogue delivery. Ram's tan look is very special thing in the film. Currently, talkie part has been wrapped up. 2 songs have been shot. Shoot of 3 more songs are due. We're planning for a big release. Puri garu, Ram and the whole team is extremely confident about the film. We are leaving no leaf unturned to make this film a blockbuster success.

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