Nani Is A Petty Thief With Big Target

Nani Is A Petty Thief With Big Target

If there is one hero who is increasing his box office potential and stardom with each passing film, then it is definitely Nani we have to say. And he's also choosing versatile subjects to make sure that his fans will always feel proud of him.

Till date, Nani hasn't done a proper crime comedy and it looks like he is going to fulfil that aspect as well with his upcoming film that is being directed by Vikram K Kumar. Titled "Gang Leader" the film's theme has already come out that Nani will be heading a gang of ladies aged from 10 years to 80 years. And along with this gang, he involves petty theft incidents.

The film is said to be an out and out comedy with Nani not missing out his dose of natural freshness while Vikram will be surprising everyone with his screenplay. As Jersey happens to be that emotionally high and heavy hearted film, Nani's fans will surely rejoice in the fun when Gang Leader comes out.

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