#SyeRaa: Anushka Will Hide Reddy's Death Scene?

#SyeRaa: Anushka Will Hide Reddy's Death Scene?

There are various rumours everywhere about #SyeRaa movie and the presence of Devasena Anushka in it. While one talk has that she will be seen in a glamorous avatar as she does an item song for the movie. But there is another version in circulation as well.

In films like 'Alexander', we have seen an old person will be narrating the story of the protagonist and that old person happens to be a young kid during the times of Alexander. Here in Sye Raa movie, we hear that Anushka will be that young girl in the movie who grows up to be Anushka before narrating the story of Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy.

However, the need to bring this character is that the makers don't want to show the hanging scene of Uyyalawada as Megastar Chiranjeevi's fans might get hurt or they may not digest that particular scene. To avoid that, Anushka will be wrapped in her words that Uyyalawada was hanged to death but his spirit made Telugu people join the freedom movement.

Not until director Surender Reddy or Anushka reveals what is that character she will play in Sye Raa, it looks like every other day a new rumour emerges.

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