Vice-President Appreciates Mahesh's Maharshi!

Vice-President Appreciates Mahesh's Maharshi!

From a long time, Telangana's former IT Minister KTR is the best know film reviewer from political circles and now, it looks like none other than Vice-President of India has joined this battalion. Yes, India's VP Venkaiaha Naidu has now tweetded about a film.

Praising Mahesh Babu, director Vamsi Paidipally to the sky, the Vice President's official handle has today tweeted about the movie Maharshi. "With a rural theme, a film that highlights the need for farm conservation and support for the elderly, Maharshi is a remarkable film that everyone needs to watch. It highlights the greatness of the rural population and the importance of agriculture", the tweet read. Venkaiah Naidu congratulated Mahesh for his acting, and Vamsi for his brilliant direction.

Reacting on the same, Mahesh Babu tweeted back, "Sir.. This is such an honour for me personally & our whole team... it can't get better than this. Thank you Sir, your words have inspired us to keep doing more films like "Maharshi".. on behalf of Team Maharshi... humbled, Sir (sic)".

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