Voter Director Blasts Manchu Vishnu In A Video

Voter Director Blasts Manchu Vishnu In A Video

"If something happens to me in the near future, and if I'm not seen again, then surely Manchu Vishnu is responsible for that as I have a severe threat from him," says Karthik Reddy of "Adda" movie fame, who has directed Manchu Vishnu's unreleased movie "Voter".

In a video message released, the director asked that why would he buy Assembly Rowdy rights to make Voter. "At a time when people don't buy Baahubali rights for 1.5 crores, why would I buy Assembly Rowdy rights, that when I know that I get only 20 lakhs remuneration?" he asked inside the video.

For the uninitiated, when producers of "Voter" tried to release the film, Manchu Vishnu is said to have lodged a case saying that the producers owe him dad's firm 1.5 crores for buying the rights of Assembly Rowdy movie, as the screenplay of that film is used for Voter movie.

Seems like Manchu Vishnu has to open up now to speak about the whole fiasco as matters are getting ugly on the social domain.

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