Shades Of Many Films Might Worry Maharshi

Shades Of Many Films Might Worry Maharshi

If the content is new, even if it's slow, things will work at the box office. But with "Maharshi", the ideas look like they are borrowed from various super hit films including Mahesh's movies. And that's where it spins trouble for this Vamsi Paidipally directorial.

Looking at Maharshi, one can't stop finding uncanny resemblances to Attarintiki Daredi during the initial 15 minutes as super-rich Mahesh Babu is being shown. Then all the college episodes look like close cousins of 3 Idiots with hero being super intelligent and his friends being dumb.

Following this is the second half that has shades of Srimanthudu as the hero shifts from USA to India. Then the Bharat Anu Nenu kind of political touch is clearly seen. And when the hero is giving lectures, often you feel like having a rehash of Brahmotsavam.

Shades of so many popular films might not work in favour of Maharshi as A centre audiences do feel that they are not being offered something new. We have to see how this long weekend goes for the superstar at the box office.

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